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Electronic Power Steering

Electronic Power Steering is the future with motor vehicles. Most modern-day vehicles do not come fitted with hydraulic power steering systems anymore. They now come out with an Electronic Power Steering (EPS) system. There are three versions available: EPS steering racks, EPS steering columns or EPS steering pumps.

As petrol prices seem to never drop, it is important for vehicles to be as fuel efficient as possible. This is where an EPS system comes in handy. These systems are controlled via the vehicles CPU and not off the drive of the motor.

EPS systems are becoming more popular amongst auto manufacturers due to the fact that they provide a more refined feel that can be adjusted as needed.

Besides Power Steering and Suspension, we now offer EPS repairs and replacements. This is done with very specialized machinery at our sister company in Pinetown, Durban – Natal Power Steering.

We repair and replace EPS Columns; Racks and Pumps, for certain automotive models.

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Electronic Power Steering
Electronic Power Steering
National Power Steering