This bumpy feeling could be more than poorly maintained roads… it could be a damaged suspension.

You car’s suspension is vitally important to your safety while driving.  The suspension is made up of so many different parts, and each and every single part is necessary for safe driving.  Whether the broken part affects your steering, car handling or braking, you can see just how important it is to ensure your suspension is checked and is all in perfect working condition.


So how can you tell if your vehicle suspension is feeling a little bit off-colour?

  1. Do you feel every single bump in the road? Yes, it could be that our roads are deteriorating, but most likely it could mean a problem with your vehicle’s suspension.  You could try the bounce test… when your car is stationery and ignition off, try put all your weight onto the front end of the car and then release.  If your car bounces back and forth more than three times, the shocks could be warn and the suspension needs to be checked by a professional steering and suspension mechanic.
  2. Is your vehicle pulling to one side? Not only could this suggest a damaged suspension, but it will also wear out your tires unevenly, which means even more costs in the long run.
  3. When you brake, does it feel like your car is “nose diving?” Also, when you accelerate, does it feel like your car “squats?”  These could both mean a damaged suspension.
  4. If you are finding your steering harder to turn, something might be wrong with your suspension. There are a number of reasons why, so it is best to rather book your car in for a checkup.


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